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The philosophy of College Harrington du Canada is rooted in goals that embrace the development of the whole individual. Integrity, responsibility, honesty, self reliance and commitment to community are emphasized. The language at College Harrington du Canada is English.


At HCC we offer a comprehensive and challenging academic program. Our courses follow the Ministry of Education (MELS) guidelines and expectations. As an independent school we aim higher and expect more from our students and our staff. We provide students with an enriched and rigorous academic program which allows them to excel and exceed expectations.

The program is relentless in its pursuit of knowledge and personal development. Because of our size and the small student teacher ratio, we offer a highly individualized program, one in which student learning styles, pacing and individual interests are explored and developed to seek a deeper understanding of concepts and ideas. Our individualized program also offers many opportunities for hands-on, real-life learning. English is the language of instruction at HCC.

Evaluation Policy

The school is following the new format for report cards as instituted by MELS for 2011-2012.  These report cards are uniform across Quebec.

Measurement of student competencies, student personal development and student performance in subject specific areas are driven by target outcomes per subject, at each grade level. As each student brings different learning styles to the learning experience and since each student responds differently to a multitude of evaluation instruments, we pay particular attention to using means that reflect the diverse audience of learners. Among those means, we include interactive oral evaluations. Should you have questions about the policy, systems or instruments used, the Principle would be pleased to speak with you.


To instill a desire for life-long learning, to foster a vision, to challenge, motivate and prepare our students for acceptance into the college and program of their choice.

Academic Program

Harrington offers a full secondary school core curriculum (grades 7 to 11) in accordance with the Quebec Ministry of Education requirements. All students write the required MELS exams and graduate with a Diplôme d’études Secondaires (DES). Students are also prepared for and encouraged to take the PSAT/ SAT and ACT exams.

At HCC all students at the Secondary IV level are encouraged to write the PSAT (Pre Scholastic Aptitude Test) primarily as a means of allowing them the opportunity to develop a sense of their performance level in relationship to other students taking the test and not as a genuine measure of their scholastic aptitude.

Teaching staff

Teachers at Harrington understand and appreciate the unique personalities, goals and focus of the elite hockey player. They adapt their teaching styles and approach so that the curriculum is relevant thereby promoting a love of learning and maximizing each student’s academic potential.

All our teachers are dedicated and passionate about working with children and understand the needs and the thought process of the elite hockey player. At Harrington, we believe that teachers are there to guide students in the right direction and help them make connections and find relevance.

Academic Advisors

All students at Harrington have an advisor that guides them, monitors their progress and becomes a ‘home away from home parent’ throughout their years at Harrington. Advisors maintain close contact with the student’s families, keeping them abreast of their child’s personal and academic progress.

Support Staff

At Harrington, each member of the staff is carefully selected to ensure a proper fit with our small, close-knit community. Members of the staff share the philosophy of our school and understands the needs of the elite hockey player.

Testing _ measurability

We believe tests are an indicator of what the student has mastered and where he or she may need more direction. Our aim is to use the results of our tests, projects and exams as guidelines in preparing each student for personal success in the MELS exams, the SATs, and ultimate success at the university level.