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Student Life

The weekly schedule

Students spend the majority of their week in on- and off-ice training, practice and academic study. The rest of their time is split between extra curricular activities, two weekend games, social activities and study hall. The program is intense, challenging, but most of all, fun!

Dorm life

Dorm rooms can accommodate 2-4 students (depending on room size).

Teachers, advisors and staff live in the dorms and act as ‘dorm parents’, providing warmth, support, guidance, supervision and a family-oriented atmosphere.

Clubs and activities

No matter how diverse your interests and talents are, you can usually find a group of students and faculty who share them. If a club does not exist, you are welcome to form one. Clubs include outdoor sports clubs, leadership clubs (i.e. student council), student publications, cultural clubs, and special interest clubs.

Extra curricular activities

Extracurricular activities are an essential part of the College Harrington du Canada experience, and enable students to become active participants in the life of the school and build relationships with fellow students and members of the faculty and staff. Students through the student council organize various activities such as cross country skiing, alpine skiing and snowshoeing in winter; hiking, mountain biking, badminton, volleyball, canoeing, kayaking and white water rafting in the summer.

Community service, responsibility and citizenship

All students participate in designated community service activities during each academic year. Involvement in community service is a proven way to develop many skills and traits that are central to HCC’s philosophy.

Community Service is integrated into daily life at HCC as we believe that lessons learned through community involvement are as important as those learned in the classroom. At Harrington, we believe that good citizenship leads to a lifetime of personal success and happiness.

The Primary Goals of our community service program are:

• to make a considerable difference in the lives of others, in our school, at home and in the world;

• to foster character traits such as empathy, responsibility courage, risk and generosity;

• to develop ongoing relationships that will extend beyond school with others different than themselves, to develop students’ respect for the dignity and differences of others;

• to develop a sense of social responsibility; and

• to enhance the academic curriculum so that meaningful and relevant learning can occur outside of the classroom.


There are several activities available during the weekend at Harrington. When students are not playing hockey out of town, they can partake in any of the available sports activities and / or the planned social activities that are organized by the clubs and staff, including trips to Montreal’s and Ottawa’s many famous festivals and performing arts centers.

In touch with home

Contact between students and home is always encouraged. For those students that stay on campus during holidays, we provide ongoing activities and home-cooked meals with staff and dorm parents.


We value good health and provide students with healthy and balanced meals three times a day. Our Dining Hall offers a wide selection of healthy choices that always include a selection of hot main courses, soups, sandwiches and dessert.


Members of Harrington’s diverse community share a commitment to respect the values and traditions of different faiths. While Harrington is non-sectarian and does not require participation in religious activity, the school supports and assists students who wish to pursue and practice in their own faith and religious beliefs. Transportation can be provided to services at places of worship as requested by students and their families.

HCC and Hockey Ministries offer a chapel program for students who wish to participate on Thursday evenings.