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Harrington College of Canada:
Where the Serious Hockey Player Goes to School

Who We Are

Harrington College of Canada is a Canadian residential school with a unique academic, athletic and experiential learning program. It provides goal-oriented, elite hockey players from around the world with the opportunity to develop their hockey skills at an unparalleled level. At the same time it provides them with an outstanding academic education and promotes sound personal development in an environment tailored to meet individual learning styles and dedicated to providing relevance within the framework of their unique interests.

Harrington is a small school made up of elite hockey players from around the world. The size of HCC ensures that students receive individual attention and guidance aimed at helping them reach their fullest potential athletically, academically and socially. The environment is warm, supportive and inspiring, and one which fosters personal growth in every facet of the curriculum and community life.

Harrington is a non-denominational school that encourages cultural diversity in its student body. We admit academically and athletically qualified students of any gender, race, color, religious or cultural orientation, embracin multi-cultural perspectives and lifestyles as an opportunity for learning and personal development.

Harrington College of Canada: Specific Objectives

  • To provide elite hockey players with a hockey-specific developmental program following the Hockey Canada module over a 10 month rigorous training regiment designed to help them reach their goals and potential in the world of hockey.
  • To provide a unique and rigorous academic program that gives the elite hockey player the foundation, tools and preparation to achieve academic excellence and pursue a college education.
  • To get a commitment to academic excellence from each player.
  • To provide the elite hockey player with life skills that allows him or her to develop into a socially responsible, well-rounded, focused and goal-oriented young adult.