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AAA Hockey

AAA Hockey

AAA hockey leagues are considered the training grounds for the future NHL players.  This affords those that are into the sport to further their playing skills during the off season and gives them a chance to play others that are more serious about the sport.

These players are usually scouted but the coaches, although some leagues have try outs that can be attended. They practice and hold their games in the off season, usually during the Spring and Summer, so that they can create the team atmosphere that is needed to be competitive. During the

The AAA Hockey season, is a way for the players to  participate in a series of tournaments with other teams that are in their state, and occasionally those that are elsewhere.

The goal is to make sure that the players have games all year around, so that they do not lose the momentum of playing. It is generally fro those that are serious about becoming professional players, and this is one of the steps to showing that dedication. Most of the players are more aggressive than others, AAA Hockey brings out the toughest and the not really the most skilled,  and they are in these to learn all the nuances of playing the game.

They start from a young age and go to 16, then they have 18 and over for the adult leagues. Both girls and boys play, and the cost of this is usually higher than simply joining a local league. This is due to attending camps, and the competitions in tournaments, some of them garnering national attention in the US and Canada. The best teams from here can go on to attend those tournaments like the Stars _ Stripes Classic or the Subway Classic this is one of the top AAA Hockey tournaments.

AAA hockey

leagues for the junior division offers many rewards to those that are wanting to pursue a career as a professional player.  AAA Midget is a great starting point for moving on.  This offers many of them the ability to take the game to the next level and can help those dedicated to the sport achieve better playing and more advanced skills for AAA Hockey.