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Junior A Hockey

Advantages Of Playing For a Junior A Hockey TeamJunior A Hockey

Junior A Hockey is one step below professional level hockey. This means that landing a spot on one of these teams could mean getting drafted by a professional team if you are lucky.

A few of these teams even play in the professional league but don’t make nearly as much as those on a Major Junior team.
Players are usually between the ages of 16 and 20 though being a Junior A Hockey Team you may be able to play at a slightly younger age. Exceptions are made for outstanding players as deemed by the Canadian Hockey League. This is the governing body that sets the standards for hockey teams.
The definitions of a junior team may change depending on the country in which you live. For instance, in Europe, junior teams are associated with major teams and used more for practice to help build their players. While in the United States junior teams are divided into tiers.

Junior A hockey is also often divided further into B, C, and D categories though D category is usually referred to as B since the early 1990′s. These teams can be used as stepping stones to get you into playing and give you the experience you need to move up to the higher ranking teams.

Hockey is a fun sport played by all ages. Finding a league in your area is the best way to get started if this is a sport you want to play in. Many colleges also offer scholarships for student players though they may not allow anyone playing on a professional team to play in a college league.

Junior A hockey has many advantages for players. If you love the game and want to play, then this could be a great way for you to get noticed by a professional team. Find a team near you today and sign up.

Junior A Hockey is still one of the most skilled Junior hockey leagues, All the games are covered by NHL Scouts.