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At Harrington College of Canada we make sure elite hockey players get the opportunity to pursue and develop their hockey skills in an environment that values both academic excellence and sound personal development.

Harrington College of Canada, Canada’s leading school for elite hockey players, embodies a passion for excellence and levels of commitment that produce unparalleled results on and off the ice. At Harrington, students from Peewee to Junior are offered the very best support for bringing their hockey skills and their academic results to the next level. Harrington’s “win-win” formula provides young people with the best opportunities available to become professionals inside or outside of hockey and to become responsible and contributing members of their community.

Who We Are

Harrington College of Canada is a Canadian English school with a unique hockey and academic program. It provides goal-oriented, elite hockey players from around the world with the opportunity to develop their hockey skills at an unparalleled level. At the same time it provides them with an outstanding academic education and promotes sound personal development in an environment tailored to meet individual learning styles and dedicated to providing relevance within the framework of their unique interests.

Harrington is a small school made up of just under 100 elite hockey players from around the world. The size of Harrington College ensures that students receive individual attention and guidance aimed at helping them reach their fullest potential athletically, academically and socially. The environment is warm, supportive and inspiring, and one which fosters personal growth in every facet of the curriculum and community life.

Our spectacular campus has forest and apple orchards, and the buildings contain 100 bedrooms, a dining hall, a weight room, a work out room, classrooms, workshops, recreation rooms, and much more.

Harrington is a non-denominational school that encourages cultural diversity in its student body. We admit academically and athletically qualified male students of any, race, color, religious or cultural orientation, embracing multi-cultural perspectives and lifestyles as an opportunity for learning and personal development.